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Global growth through digital and media marketing

Bienvenue, welcome, bienvenido, willkommen, benvenuto, bem-vindo, добро пожаловать, ласкаво просимо, 欢迎, 歓迎


I hope you will get to know me better thanks to this personal website.

I have been working in digital, media, marketing, management, strategy and internationalization since 2004.

More than a simple online résumé/CV, this website will guide you through my story from a professional point of view, in a chronological order, with the main objective of understanding how I have been shaped to help organizations of the cultural and creative industries

  • to adapt to a rapidly ever-changing world challenged by digital transformation and new disruptive technologies and
  • to lead in increasingly competitive global markets driven by high performance, continuous innovation and international growth.

I specialize in international strategy and international business development through the global management of international marketing and digital marketing projects and cross-cultural/cross-functional traditional/virtual teams located anywhere around the world.


Projects expertise

Business Transformation

Performance Improvement

Digitalization or Digitization


Global Marketing Campaign

Branding & Media Management

Functional expertise

Strategy and Marketing

Change & Project Management

International Coordination

Markets & Cultural Differences

Digital Marketing (SEO, UX,...)

Marketing Analytics & KPIs

Industry expertise

Cultural and Creative Industries

Media and Entertainment

Music, Radio and Television

Publishing and Advertising

Education and Research

High Tech, IT, Softwares, Telcos

Geographical expertise

I lived 1 year in the Americas (United States and Chile), 1+ year in the United Kingdom, 1 year in Spain, 2+ years in Eastern Europe (Russia, Ukraine,...) & 1+ year in China




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