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About me


"Every man's life ends the same way. It is only the details of how he lived and how he died that distinguish one man from another." Ernest Hemingway


Who am I ?

  • Global manager of international marketing, media and digital projects.
  • Fun, passionate and perfectionist.
  • European and French citizen.
  • Kid of the 80's :)

Courte Bio (FR)

Manager international des industries culturelles, créatives et digitales, spécialiste des médias et des médias numériques, du marketing et du marketing digital, de la stratégie et de la stratégie digitale, de l'internationalisation et de la gestion de projets internationaux. J'ai accumulé le plus d'expérience possible de 2004 à 2017 en travaillant pendant 13 ans sur quatre continents, toujours dans la fonction marketing, pour des artistes, des mannequins, des TPE/PME, des start-ups, des organisations à but non lucratif et des groupes multinationaux du CAC 40. Ancien Consultant en Transformation Digitale & Solutions Marketing à Accenture, le leader mondial du conseil en management et technologie, travaillant en tant que Chef de Projet et UX Lead sur des projets digitaux de plusieurs centaines de millions d'euros avec une forte spécialisation en :

  • analyse stratégique, stratégie de marque internationale, stratégie marketing, études de marché, analyse de données (data mining), veille concurrentielle, veille technologique, commerce électronique, commerce mobile, marketing mobile, expérience utilisateur (UX), parcours client (CJ), tunnel d'achat, CRO, expérience client (CX), mesure et pilotage de la performance marketing (KPI, ROI),
  • digitalisation et PMO lors de l'analyse, planning, conception, développement, intégration, tests, implémentation, livraison, maintenance et amélioration de solutions de marketing technologique (MarTech) comme systèmes de gestion de la relation client (CRM) et logiciels ou SaaS d'automatisation marketing: gestion de campagnes marketing et outbound marketing (emailing, SEM, SEA, SMA, publicité display, PPC, marketing programmatique, RTB), optimisation pour les moteurs de recherche (SEO) et marketing de contenu (inbound marketing), gestion des réseaux sociaux (SMM, community management) et e-réputation, big data et analyse prédictive (analytics).

J'ai étudié à l'Université de Madrid (Faculté de Sciences Economiques et de Gestion de la Complutense, 2006), je suis titulaire d'une Licence et d'un Master de Gestion de l'Université de Paris I (Ecole de Management de la Sorbonne, 2007), d'un MSc britannique de l'Université de Londres (Département Médias et Communication de la London School of Economics, 2008) et d'un MA chinois de l'Université de Shanghai (Ecole de Journalisme de Fudan, 2009). 10 ans après mon Master 2 (DESS) en Management Stratégique International à la Sorbonne (major de promotion) et mon certificat délivré par les Conseillers du Commerce Extérieur de la France, j'ai effectué en 2016 le premier MBA au monde spécialisé dans la transformation numérique et le webmarketing créé en partenariat avec les principales associations professionnelles de l'écosystème digital mondial (le MBA DMB de l'EFAP et du HUB Institute) Suite à cela, j'ai été nommé en 2017 Responsable Marketing Digital à l'OCDE (Organisation de Coopération et de Développement Economiques).

Short Bio (EN)

Global manager of the cultural, creative and digital industries, a specialist of media and digital media, marketing and digital marketing, strategy and digital strategy, internationalization and international project management. I accumulated the most experience possible between 2004 and 2017 by working for 13 years on four continents, always in the marketing function, for artists, models, SMEs/SMBs, startups, nonprofit organizations and large multinational corporations of the Fortune Global 500. I am a former Consultant in Digital Transformation & Marketing Solutions at Accenture, the world's leading management and technology consulting firm, working as a Project Manager and UX Lead on several hundred million dollar digital projects with a strong specialization in:

  • strategic analysis, global brand strategy, marketing strategy, market research, data analysis (data crunching), competitive intelligence, technology watch, e-commerce, m-commerce, mobile marketing, user experience design (UXD), customer journey mapping (CJM), customer journey optimization (CJO), purchase funnel/conversion funnel, conversion rate optimization, customer experience (CX), global marketing performance measurement and management (metrics, analytics, key performance indicators, return on investment),
  • digitalization and PMO during the analysis, planning, design, development, integration, testing, implementation, delivery, maintenance and improvement of marketing technology solutions (MarTech) like customer relationship management systems (CRM) and softwares or SaaS of marketing automation: marketing campaign management and outbound marketing (emailing, SEM, SEA, SMA, display advertising, PPC, programmatic marketing, RTB), search engine optimization (SEO) and content marketing (inbound marketing), social media management (SMM, SMO, community management) and online reputation management (ORM), big data and predictive analytics.

I studied at the University of Madrid (Complutense Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, 2006), I hold a French BBA and MiM from the University of Paris 1 (Sorbonne Management School, 2007), a British MSc from the University of London (LSE Department of Media and Communications, 2008) and a Chinese MA from the University of Shanghai (Fudan Journalism School, 2009). 10 years after my Master's Degree in International Strategic Management at the Sorbonne (valedictorian/dux) and my International Business Development certificate delivered by the French Foreign Trade Advisors, I did in 2016 the world's first MBA specialized in digital transformation and online marketing created in partnership with the main trade associations of the global digital ecosystem (MBA DMB). After that, I was appointed in 2017 Digital Marketing Manager at the OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development).




A few milestones of my international career encompassing over a decade:

  • Digital native of Generation Y, I grew up as a Millennial around the first Amstrad, Atari, IBM, and Macintosh home computers, playing with the 1986 first Batman video game, arcarde games of the 80s (Pong, Space Invaders, Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, Double Dragon, Street Fighter, Mega Man), the first and only Amstrad console of 1990, the NES, the Sega Mega Drive, the Super Nintendo, the Game Boy (1993 Mortal Kombat)the Sega Game Gear (1993 Fatal Fury), MS-DOS (1993 Doom, 1994 Warcraft, 1995 Command & Conquer), Windows 95 (AOL CD, Netscape Navigator, IRC, Encarta, FIFA 96, Tomb Raider, Duke Nukem 3D), Windows 98 (Starcraft, Quake III) and the first search engines launched before the rise of Google – WebCrawler,, Lycos, Infoseek, AltaVista, Magellan and Excite.
  • As a young student at the beginning of the millenium, I was responsible for marketing studies for FM radio stations at easyScore, a research and consulting company in music programming, and I took part in the emergence of the first Internet radio stations in France as a Radio Host and then as a Marketing Manager. Alumnus of the European Union's Erasmus program, trained by the French Foreign Trade Advisors (appointed by the Government of France) during my Master in International Management and Strategy at the Sorbonne University of Paris, founder and board member of Sorbonne Alumni, LSE (London School of Economics) alumnus in Global Media and Communications. 
  • Former Marketing and Branding Consultant in New York City at AIM Strategies, a US-based boutique management consulting firm, former Jr. Marketing Director in Chile of Ipsos, the world's third largest market research company, former International Marketing Manager at the advertising sales house of France Télévisions, the largest French broadcasting group, former Business Consultant at the "Communications, Media and Technology" practice of Accenture, the world's largest management consulting firm and the world's most admired IT services company, former Fundraiser at the Paris Committee of UNICEF, the United Nations Children's Fund, and former Country Manager for France of Music2Deal, the exclusive social network and international marketplace of music professionals.
  • Acquiring a brand-new visibility among indie artists and unsigned bands from all around the world thanks to this position at this German music startup, I started to receive many requests from talents to become their artist manager or band manager and to advise them, especially in career management, strategy, international marketing and digital marketing. Therefore, between 2013 and 2016, I worked as a Talent Scout, discovering new talents, and as a Talent Manager, advising singers-songwriters and bands instead of multinational corporations and managing their careers in the music industry and in the media & entertainment industry. In 2013, I decided to diversify into the fashion industry by working as a model scout and model manager as well within my own international model agency.


To Sum Up

My educationexperience and expertise include

  • Strategy and Internationalization,
  • Global Management and Organization,
  • Marketing (online and off-line) and Communication

in the cultural & creative sectors.


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