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"The summit of happiness is reached when a person is ready to be what he is." Desiderius Erasmus

Career Summary


With over 13 years of work experience (I started to work in marketing in 2004 when I was still a student), I am combining :

  • a strong education in the Humanities and Social Sciences – allowing me to understand and anticipate the digital uses and practices of people and thus to shape the global digital strategy and the local offline/online marketing campaigns of brands to improve brand awareness, reputation, social media engagement, leads, site traffic, sales, customer satisfaction, loyalty, ROI and to reduce costs
  • a cross-industry experience in the cultural and creative industries – Music, Concerts, Radio, Television, Publishing, Advertising, Luxury, Fashion, Beauty, Market Research, Management and Technology Consulting, Digital, IT, High Tech and Telecommunications
  • as a manager – with an expertise in marketing, strategy, project management, team management, international coordination
  • with a global professional experience encompassing four different continents – North America (the United States), South America (Chile), Western Europe (France, the United Kingdom), Eastern Europe (Russia, Ukraine, Georgia and Bulgaria) and Asia (China)​​
  • involving multiannual strategic/transformation contracts/projects – worth up to 300 million dollars, in particular at Accenture.


Career History


Co-founder and Marketing Director - Electra Radio

(5 years, 2004-2009 part-time and mostly online)

  • Organization: Based in Sweden and France, Electra, “The Rock & Dance Music Station”, was an international Internet radio station launched officially in 2005 (replacing Crock FM, a pioneer French webradio for which I worked as a Radio Host for a couple of years). Co-founder of the first French Union of Internet radio stations, France Webradios. Now operating as Addict Radio.
  • Responsibilities (Digital TransformationGlobalizationProject Management and Digital Marketing):
    • Development of a new disruptive technology and business model - broadcasting programs online all over the world (digital transformation from the traditional FM radio station to the Internet radio station)
    • Definition of a target group and a positioning, elaboration of a strategy and a marketing mix, 
    • International coordination between France and Sweden,
    • User experience design, creation with the web designers and the web developers of the radio of a website and logos for our different feeds and shows, 
    • Web analytics,
    • Creation with the developers of innovative real-time audience analytics and geolocalization tools later sold on the market;
    • Music programming, show production and punctual radio hosting,
    • Search of advertisers, partners, investors and negotiation.



Marketing Research Officer - easyScore, Paris, France

(2004 part-time internship)

  • Company: Company of media marketing providing research and consulting services to FM radio stations (like FG DJ Radio, Latina or Le Mouv'), created by the former Program Director of Fun Radio (RTL Group/Bertelsmann),  MTV Europe (Viacom) and Lagardère Active (Virgin Radio, MCM,...), Jean-Pierre Millet, famous for his expertise in music programming and global music management.
  • Responsibilities: Qualitative Marketing Studies using Call-Out (phone interviews) and Panel (auditorium) methods to investigate the musical tastes and preferences of our targeted audiences and therefore maximizing the ratings of our FM radio stations by improving their music programming.



Marketing & Sales Assistant - Folkestone Visitor Centre, Folkestone, United Kingdom

(2004 full-time summer internship)

  • Company: The Folkestone Visitor Center, subsidiary of Eurotunnel and the town of Folkestone, is a tourism marketing and merchandising company.
  • Responsibilities: 
    • Assisting the management team,
    • Conception and emailing of the newsletter, 
    • Dealing with customers,
    • Maximizing merchandising and postcards sales, 
    • Promoting tourism in France among British people,
    • Selling trips through the Channel Tunnel between Britain and France.



Marketing & Branding Consultant - AIM Strategies, NYC, New York, United States of America

(2005 full-time summer internship)

  • Company: AIM Strategies is a boutique management consulting firm founded and directed by Yael Zofi, a professor of Leadership at the Stern School of Business MBA, New York University, former Senior Vice President for Performance Management, Leadership and Organizational Development with JP Morgan Chase and former Senior Consultant at Price Waterhouse Coopers and Accenture
  • Responsibilities:
    • Conducting market research and databases management, 
    • SWOT analysis, brand strategy and marketing plan,
    • Working with a team of Columbia University graduates in OD (Organization Development),
    • Interviewing and recruiting internship candidates.



Jr. Marketing Director - Ipsos, Santiago, Chile

(2006 full-time summer internship)

  • Company: French multinational, Ipsos is the leading global survey-based research and measurement group in the world after Nielsen and Kantar (TNS Sofres). I worked as the number 2 of the Marketing Research department of Ipsos in Chile.
  •  Responsibilities:
    • Market research for prestigious brands like L'Oréal, Nestlé, Bosch and a Chilean university,
    • International coordination for LATAM studies conducted in multiple Latin American countries,
    • Creation of a new promotion efficiency and effectiveness model for Ipsos Chile,
    • Translation of reports from Spanish to English,
    • Training the company’s top executives in Marketing.



Strategic Development Executive - PICC Life Insurance, PICC, Beijing, China

(2007 full-time internship)

  • Company: State-owned company (+ 19.8% owned by the American group AIG), PICC (People's Insurance Company of China) is the biggest Property and Casualty insurance group in China. PICC Life Insurance is a new subsidiary of the group, a joint venture with the Japanese group Sumitomo Life Insurance, created in 2005 to compete with its main competitors in the market of Life Insurance, Ping An and China Life. I worked directly with the Chinese CEO of the subsidiary (and senior member of the Communist Party of China) thanks to an English-Mandarin interpreter always with me to set up the new department of Corporate Strategy and Business Development at the Beijing headquarters.
  • Responsibilities:
    • Analyzing the local and international competitors on the Chinese market,
    • Collecting and analyzing the best insurance practices implemented in foreign countries,
    • Providing some highly confidential internal reports to enlighten decision making,
    • Training the company’s top executives in Strategy.


International Marketing Manager - France Télévisions Publicité, France Télévisions, Paris, France

(2007 full-time internship for 6 months)

  • Company: France Télévisions, the French Public Service Broadcasting Group, is the largest audiovisual and broadcasting group in France (France 2, France 3, France 4, France 5, France O) and was the main shareholder of France 24, Arte, TV5MONDE and EuroNews. France Télévisions Publicité is the advertising sales subsidiary of the group. 
  • Responsibilities:
    • Strategic marketing presentations to our international sales teams and to the board (Chairman, Managing Director, Deputy Director,…) including benchmarking (competitor analysis), programming research based on TV content analysis, pan-regional TV market research based on (1) worldwide distribution data, (2) analysis of international audience and rating studies and (3) analysis of ad spendings and marketing budgets of companies and brands, with the tools proposed by Médiamétrie, Africascope, Nielsen, TNS Media Intelligence/now Kantar Media, and EMS Synovate/now Ipsos,
    • Creation, development and management of a new alliance, the advertising offer Europe TV (international bundle packages), bringing together global TV channels such as EuroNews (Europe), TV5MONDE (Francophone), France 24, Trace TV (Urban music), Canal+ Horizons (Africa), Sky News International (UK), National Geographic (US), Deutsche Welle TV (Germany), TVE Internacional (Spain), Rai International (Italy) to compete with CNN International, BBC World, MTV and Eurosport (TF1),
    • International coordination between France, Germany, Spain and the United Kingdom,
    • Management of the relationships with our international partners and of advertising airtimes on our global TV channels,
    • Implementation of a global cross-media advertising strategy: Television, Internet, Mobile, Radio (Radio France Internationale), Print (National Geographic).


Associate Producer - ICS (International Channel Shanghai), SMG, Shanghai, China

(2009 part-time internship)

  • Company: ICS is the foreign-language cable TV channel of SMG (Shanghai Media Group), the largest media and entertainment group in China after Beijing-based CCTV
  • Responsibilities: Observation internship during the preparation of the World Expo 2010 media coverage


Founder and President - Sorbonne Alumni

(3 years, 2007-2009 online, 2009-2010 full-time)

  • Organization: Sorbonne Alumni (previously known as Sorbonne Post-Scriptum) is the alumni association of the Sorbonne University of Paris, founded 800 years ago, the best French university for the Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences and Management.
  • Responsibilities (Project Management and Digital Marketing):
    • Designing our organization structure, governance system and writing our Code of Ethics,
    • Community management on social networks,
    • Creation of the official Facebook page of our university,
    • UX design, working with webmasters, web developers, web designers to create/update our website,
    • Web analytics and social media analytics, 
    • Recruiting, training and managing a team of 40 volunteers in France and abroad from 2009, 
    • Organizing the first induction week for incoming students at the Sorbonne,
    • Organizing the first graduation and homecoming party for fresh graduates and alumni,
    • Organizing conferences, debates, workshops, networking events and student parties,
    • Launching the International Club, the Finance Club and the Careers Service of the Sorbonne,
    • International coordination with our first Sorbonne Global Business Clubs in London and New York,
    • Fundraising among alumni, public administrations, corporations and negotiation with new sponsors,
    • Producing promotional videos and the first university lipdub in France (‘Viva La Sorbona’),
    • Communication through emailing, mailing, street marketing, leaflets and posters.
    • While working at Accenture France, I actively lobbied within my organization to develop a first partnership between Accenture and the Sorbonne Management School of the University of Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne, especially with my Master in International Management and Strategy. Since then, students of my alma mater have had opportunities every year to participate in Accenture business competitions, to do internships at Accenture and to be hired permanently by this prestigious global management consulting firm – which used to hire exclusively from a few French Grandes Ecoles.



Business Consultant - Accenture

> management and technology consulting > digital transformation and marketing solutions

(2 years, 2011-2012, full-time)

  • Company: Accenture is considered around the world as the most prestigious and the most admired consulting firm in the global IT business. Accenture is the largest consulting firm in the world with $31 billion net revenues in 2015 and 373 000 employees serving clients (including 94 of the Fortune Global 100) in more than 120 countries.
    • Accenture works at the intersection of business and technology to help clients improve their performance and create sustainable value for their stakeholders. Accenture offers consulting services and solutions in Strategy, Management, Digital, Technology as well as Operations/Outsourcing Services (like Cloud and SaaS solutions, especially for CRM systems, Sales Force Automation, Social Media Marketing, Analytics, Big Data and Predictive Analytics in partnership with, Microsoft, Oracle, SAP and Adobe) underpinned by the world’s largest delivery network.
    • As the number 1 company for Media Management in the world, auditing $14 billion of advertising spending per year globally, Accenture has the world's largest single consolidated database in marketing and media analytics including advertisers/brands, creative agencies, media planning agencies, marketing budgets, ad spends, ad prices, CPI, CPM, PPC, CPC, PPA, CPA, campaign outcomes, ROI,… in both traditional (radio, TV,...) and digital media (SEA, display, programmatic advertising, RTB,...).
    • I served the CMT practice of the Paris office with only Communications, Media and Technology clients: advertising agencies, major record labels, video sharing platforms, e-commerce websites/apps, software companies, television channels (for example: TF1, CANAL+), telecommunications operators and Internet service providers (for example: Orange, SFR, Bouygues), European aerospace and defense groups (for example: EADS/Airbus, Safran, Thalès).
  • Responsibilities (Business TransformationDigital TransformationProject Management and Digital Marketing):
    • During the BD (Business Development) stage, presales and launch phase: I was acting as PMO (Project Management Office) in charge of international team coordination (senior executives/managing directors, managers, financial modeling consultants, technological experts,... located all around the world) in order to answer RFI (Request For Information) or RFP (Request For Proposal) from Fortune 500 or CAC 40 Key Accounts. These multiannual consulting and outsourcing contracts usually represented hundreds of millions of euros each. I was assisting Accenture Managing Directors ("Partners" in other firms) by preparing, writing and editing business proposals in English or French and participating in negotiations with C-level clients (CEOs, CSOs, CFOs, COOs, CBOs, CMOs, CTOs, CIOs, CDOs) requiring excellent customer relationship management skills, professionalism, adaptability, flexibility, influence and diplomacy.
    • My Accenture engagements for CMT clients included simultaneously: Management Consulting for performance improvement projects - SME (Subject Matter Expert) interviews on the client site, workshop facilitation, business requirements, gap analysis, market intelligence, marketing analytics, data crunching, competitor analysis, benchmarking, strategy, international expansion, marketing strategy, positioning, branding, marketing mix, product development, innovation, portfolio management, offer pruning (telco), business process analysis and design (BPM, BPI, BPO) and change management. And Technology Consulting for digital transformation projects - streamlining, digitization and automation of business processes and social media campaigns, digitization and outsourcing of services like CRM, payroll and IT maintenance, digitization and automated distribution of creative content for media and record companies. I played the role of PM (Project Manager)CX Lead (customer experience), customer process owner (customer journey optimization and purchase funnel improvement) and/or Lead UXD (user experience designer) during the conception, development, testing, implementation and delivery of unified e-CRM or Social CRM systems (including new marketing softwares/SaaS, e-commerce websites, mobile apps and analytics solutions) within the larger framework of a new IS (Information System), a new ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) or new big data, BI (business intelligence) or cloud computing projects designed and delivered by my Accenture colleagues.
    • Everyday international environment involving virtual teams, cultural awareness and cross-cultural management. Especially with the delivery centers in Mauritius and India (where the developers and testers I managed were based) and with some consultants in the US and Italy (where the technological experts of the European Accenture Innovation Center for Telecommunications, Media, Entertainment and High Tech are located).


Country Manager France - Music2Deal

(1 year, 2012-2013, full-time)

  • Company: Music2Deal is the exclusive social network and international marketplace of the music industry. It is often referred to as “the Linked In of music”. Based in Hamburg, Germany, Music2Deal has been expanding all around the world in the last years and has local Managing Directors in some key countries for the music business. I was the representative of Music2Deal for France.
  • Responsibilities (GlobalizationProject Management and Digital Marketing):
    • Market research and competitive intelligence,
    • Definition of the strategy with the global CEO,
    • Product development of our main offers (artists, vocalists, business contacts, songs, music licensing),
    • International coordination between France and Germany,
    • Implementation of the local marketing plan for France,
    • Acquisition of new French-speaking customers: singers, songwriters, lyricists, musicians, managers, producers, record companies, labels, publishers, music supervisors, film directors, film and TV production companies, promoters, musical instrument and audio equipment manufacturers,
    • Maximizing conversions (from free member to paid subscriber), repeat buying and customer loyalty,
    • Promotion and partnership development with festivals (Midem, MaMA) and professional organizations (Bureau Export, Irma, Music Managers Forum),
    • Website management, translation and localization,
    • Digital analytics and content marketing,
    • Community management on social networks.



Creative Entrepreneur: Growth Hacker & Talent Manager

(3 years, 2013-2016, full-time)

  • Talent scouts and talent managers play a key role in the creative industries:
    • A talent manager, also known as a personal manager, an artist manager, a band manager, a music manager or a model manager, is an individual who guides the professional career of artists or models in the cultural and creative industries, especially in the music/entertainment/media and fashion/beauty/luxury industries. The responsibility of the talent manager is to oversee the day-to-day business affairs of a talent; advise and counsel talent concerning professional matters, long-term plans and personal decisions which may affect his/her career. So that the singer-songwriter, band or top model can entirely focus on developing his/her/their special talent.
    • A talent manager is not a business manager (or certified public accountant), a producer, a booking agent (or booker), an entertainment lawyer, a tour manager or a promoter, but he/she certainly works with them. The talent manager is usually in charge of assembling the best creative and business team around the artist.
    • Famous talent managers include Colonel Parker, manager of Elvis Presley, and Brian Epstein, manager of The Beatles.

"If anyone was the Fifth Beatle, it was Brian." Paul McCartney

  • Responsibilities (Digital Transformation, GlobalizationProject Management and Digital Marketing):
    • As a talent scout: I have been searching, finding and signing new talents who will rock your world tomorrow.
    • As a talent manager: I have been developing and managing the careers of these diamonds in the rough. Advising them and providing independent management consulting services in areas such as career choices, strategy, positioning, contracts, deal negotiation, promotion, booking, accounting, tax management, digital strategy, community management on social networks like facebook, twitter, youtube, dailymotion, vimeo, instagram, pinterest and tumblr, website creation, CMS, translation and localization.
    • Specifically, as an Artist Manager since 2013 for European and Australian singers-songwriters and bands, I also provided additional consulting services in visual identity, international marketing, trademarking, copyright, online distribution and music stores, music streaming services, music social networks, live performance, ticketing, merchandising, global touring, sponsoring.
    • Thanks to the previous version of this website and good SEO, I appeared in the first search results of Google (first page) for a couple of years for the following searches: Artist Manager or Music Manager + Paris or France or Europe. I used to receive every week requests from artists/bands from all over the world looking for a Manager and willing to grow their fanbase and monetize it.
    • Specifically, as a Model Manager since 2014 for new faces of the modeling industry from Eastern Europe, I provided additional consulting services with my global team regarding appearance, industry standards/requirements, health and food regime, fashion social networks, castings/designers/brands, etiquette, catwalk, fashion weeks, global media events and international travels.
    • As a Growth Hacker: Acquisition and retention of B2B and B2C customers thanks to the levers of Digital Marketing like SEO, SEA, SMA, display, emailing, community management and social selling, exclusively via Russian-speaking digital channels.
    • International coordination between France, Italy, Spain, the United Kingdom, Australia, Russia, Ukraine, Georgia and Bulgaria.



Digital Strategy Consultant

(2016-2017, part-time during my MBA)

  • Since 2011, I have been advising clients on Digital Marketing (companies and individuals alike).
  • As an MBA student in Digital Marketing, I had the opportunity to advise prestigious clients on their international digital strategy, including:
    - the OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development)
    - a leading e-commerce website in Europe specialized in fashion retail
    - ...
  • My consulting engagements focused on: Social Media Marketing, Social Listening, Social Media Analytics, Social Media Monitoring, Influencer Marketing, Inbound Marketing, Content Marketing, e-CRM, Email Marketing, Marketing Automation, E-commerce and CRO.



Social Media Manager

(2016-2017, part-time during my MBA)

  • During my MBA in Digital Marketing & Business, I also had the opportunity to act as a Social Media Manager in charge of live tweeting from official accounts, UGC (user generated content) management and/or management of social walls during the most important B2B events on digital transformation and digital marketing in Paris organized by:
    - Microsoft (Microsoft Experiences)
    - HUB Institute (HUB Forum)
    - IAB France, the Interactive Advertising Bureau
    - ACSEL, the French Association of the Digital Economy
    - ...
    All partners of my MBA. The motto of the MBA DMB is #InsideDigitalRevolution.



Digital Marketing Manager - OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development)

> OECD Partnerships, Marketing and Fundraising (including OECD Publishing, OECD Forum Sponsoring, OECD iLibrary, UN iLibrary,...)

(2017, post-MBA job, full-time)

  • Digital Strategy
  • MarTech (Marketing Technology)
  • Social Media
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Email Marketing
  • CMS (Content Management System)
  • UX (User Experience)
  • Business Strategy (with Marketing Director)
  • Business Model (with Marketing Director)
  • Speaker during the OECD Social Media Week
  • Internal digital marketing consulting for other OECD directorates and OECD social media managers
  • Launching and promoting online and off-line the new OECD Forum Network platform powered by Zapnito
  • Part of the OECD Social Media Expert Panel (jury of 5) for OECD Call For Tenders and outsourcing projects to digital agencies
  • Training my junior and senior colleagues in SEO, Google Analytics, UX, Social Media Marketing, Facebook Analytics, Twitter Analytics, Klout, Social Media Automation, Post Scheduling, Buffer, Meet Edgar, Social Selling, LinkedIn Sales Navigator, etc.)

To Be Continued...

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